Grzegorz Gałęzia

Born in 1969 in Prusinowice, Province of Kielce.

Graduated from the English Department from the University of Warsaw (M.A.) and holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Hebrew Studies from the University of Oxford. Works as an English interpreter and translator.

He is a member of the Polish Art Photographers Association (ZPAF), „Stodola 60” Photographic Club, Fotoklub Galeria MCK in Ostrowiec and ARTELUX Open Authors Group.

He specialises in reportage. He often uses his photographs to illustrate his own articles.

He is the author of individual exhibitions: „Shadows” – Warsaw, „Ballad of Ireland” – Warsaw, Toruń, „Photographs with a Hidden Ear” – Warsaw, Ostrowiec, Krakow, „Those who survived” – Warsaw, Auschwitz, Poznan, „©” – Siedlce, Łódź, Świdnica, „Journey to the East” – Kielce, „Hola, Jambo and Salam Alejkum” – Ostrowiec, and a participant in several dozen group exhibitions in Poland and abroad.

He has published his photographs and articles in the „Chicago Tribune”, the „Oxford Student”, „Polityka”, „Rzeczpospolita”, „Gentleman”, „Gazeta Wyborcza” and others, and in several books. He is the co-author of an album „Those who survived”.

Apart from photography his passions include travel, literature and marathon running.

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